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Who We Are?

1: Marketing


2: Entertain

Over 200 different types of content to keep customers coming back

3: Security

Prevent crime and internal improprieties

 Visualization of processes from entry to purchase

Retail Next is good at monitoring and quantifying customer trends from the ceiling with a camera specialized in retail analysis.

for instance,

・The heat map shows the shelves where customers are staying and analyzes the products they are interested in.
・AI automatically predicts customer trends over historical big data, so you can assign how many people you need during peak hours
・Analyze and train customer and staff actions to prevent lost opportunities and increase sales

We want to create an environment that makes it easy for families to shop.

 Over 200 different types of content to keep customers coming back

Beam/Obie is the next generation gamification projector. By lighting up more than 200 kinds of content from the ceiling in front of the store at all times, it will attract the interest of children and make the store even more attractive. In addition, it is very popular and will be useful for buzz marketing.

for instance,

・Creating an environment where families can easily shop with playful content
・During the closing, create an environment where staff can concentrate on serving customers.
・By projecting it in front of the store, on the wall, or on the desk, it becomes a hot topic and is recognized by customers.

To prevent crime and internal improprieties

 Internal fraud prevention at Retail Next

Retail Next connects POS register data with camera images, so it helps to prevent internal fraud.

For instance,
・Detecting "Miss A from Shibuya shop takes a lot of actions to return goods when she is at the register.", etc.
・Detecting "Shoplifting events often happen when B of Shinsaibashi store in Osaka is dealing with it.", etc.

To prevent crime and internal improprieties

 Consider installing security cameras

There's nothing like a security camera to get conclusive evidence. When shoplifting occurs, it does not create a blind spot, and by grasping decisive evidence, it helps to provide information to the investigation authorities.

for example,
・The presence of high-profile security cameras in front of and in stores helps to deter