installing IOT/AI cameras

Visualization of all stores

GROOOVE  is a solution partner that contributes to sales growth and management issues of companies through services using IP cameras.

 Solutions by Product

More than 1000 shopper metrics available in offline stores


It is also useful for acquiring indicators on the offline side of Omni Channel.

For better hospitality for the elderly and kids, as well as better customer attraction and customer satisfaction


Achieve intellectual training for kids and light exercise for the elderly with a perfect sense of the future!

Professional cameras that can be distributed live on YouTube.

YouTube Camera

Live distribution of tourist sites, disaster areas, and in-store conditions on YouTube! It’s easy to post on SNS

 Company Overview

社名株式会社 GRoooVE(グルーヴ)
代表取締役田村 善幸
本社住所〒160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿3丁目9-7 BIZSMART西新宿 347号室
福生LABO&SALES〒197-0011 東京都福生市福生887-6-102
取引銀行三井住友銀行 渋谷支店、西武信用金庫 羽村支店
顧問弁護士狛・小野グローカル法律事務所 山中眞人



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JR山手線「新宿駅」下車 徒歩11分 京王新線「初台駅」下車 徒歩5分

Fussa Laboratory

電車 最寄駅

JR山手線「新宿駅」下車 徒歩11分 京王新線「初台駅」下車 徒歩5分

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